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Code of Conduct

  • Integrity
    Certified dealers have pledged to uphold highest standards of ethical behavior, and can be relied upon to be both honest and fair in every interaction with the collector.  This means that full-disclosure about an item can be expected from any Certified Dealer.  During a transaction, if a Certified Dealer knows something that you should know about a particular piece when considering a purchase, they will tell you.
  • Guarantee of Authenticity
    A certified dealer guarantee all items that he or she sells to be authentic or as described, and offers a full refund (less shipping) of the original purchase price should an item be deemed not original or not "as described" by our Board of Experts.  Generally, if a majority of our Board of Experts who vote on an item judge a piece to be "not original" or not "as described" the item may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.  Failure to abide by this decision may result in the revocation of a dealer's certification.
  • Inspection Period
    Online, certified dealers offer an unconditional inspection period with a return privilege of at least 3 days.  Clients MUST contact a dealer within this minimum period should a problem arise, in order to make arrangements to return the item, or to have it sent out for third party authentication.  After 3 days, an item, unless determined not to be authentic or not as described, may be subject to restocking penalties.  Items must be returned to the dealer in "as sold" condition (dealers are under no obligation to take back items that have been polished or otherwise altered).  At shows, certified dealers must guarantee the authenticity of any item sold at his or her tables for at least the duration of the show.  
  • Truth in Advertising
    Certified dealers agree to full disclosure about any item they offer for sale.   If they know something that will affect the market price of an item (such as restoration work), they can be relied on to disclose that information to a potential buyer.
  • Conflict Resolution
    We have established a Board-of-Experts who are available to "vet" a questionable artifact or attempt to mediate a problem, should there be a disagreement. The board member (or members) who are identified to evaluate an item will make recommendations to resolve the situation.  Voting is confidential and blind - both the voting results and the dealer who sold the item remain anonymous, thus ensuring a fair and unbiased vote.  Certified Dealers agree to abide by the decision of our board of experts.   Those that do not will face revokation of their certification.   A file of unresolved complaints against dealers is maintained by MAX, and is available by written request for the use by the collecting public.