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Platinum Dealer List Qualifications Code of Conduct

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Guarantee of Authenticity
A certified dealer guarantee all items that he or she sells to be authentic or as described, and offers a full refund (less shipping) of the original purchase price should an item be deemed not original or not "as described."  Questionable items are evaluated by the certified dealer circle (a dealer may not vote on his or her own item).  If a majority of certified dealers who vote on an item judge a piece to be "not original" or not "as described" the item may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.  

Inspection Period
Certified dealers offer an inspection period with a return privilege of at least 5 days.  After 5 days, an item, unless determined not to be authentic or not as described, may be subject to restocking penalties.  Items must be returned to the dealer in "as sold" condition (dealers are under no obligation to take back items that have been polished or otherwise altered).

Truth in Advertising
Certified dealers agree to full disclosure about any item they offer for sale.   If they know something that will affect the market price of an item (such as restoration work), they can be relied on to disclose that information to a potential buyer.  

Conflict Resolution
Concerning disputed claims of authenticity, certified dealers must agree to abide by the majority opinion of voting members of the Platinum GDC Certified Dealer Circle who vote on a questionable item.  Voting is confidential and blind - both the voting results and the dealer who sold the item remain anonymous, thus ensuring a fair and unbiased vote.

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