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Platinum Dealer List Qualifications Code of Conduct

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Qualifications of a Platinum Certified Dealer


Platinum Certified Dealers have a demonstrated committment to the highest standards of ethical behavior.  They are the most trusted members of the dealer community, and can be relied upon to be both honest and fair in every interaction with the collector. 

Knowledge and Expertise
Certified dealers are ackhowledged experts in their field of interest.  Although each member of the Platinum Dealer Circle usually has a particular area of expertise, his knowledge level in all areas of German militaria is of the highest caliber.   And rest assured, if there is something that a platinum certified dealer does not know (they can't possibly know everything), he can be trusted to have sought answers from other members of the Platinum Dealer Circle.  

Platinum Certified Dealers Dealers must have a proven track record of demonstrating the principles outlined herein.  Longevity is important for two reasons.  First of all, it shows that the dealer's commitment to the code of conduct has stood the test of time.   Second, it establishes a degree of "permanence" as a dealer.  What good is a lifetime guarantee of authenticity if a dealer is not in business? 

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