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Platinum Dealer Circle Listed Alphabetically

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Don Boyle
Don is the author of the definitive book on SS Honor Rings and is considered the expert in his field.  He's a MAX Life member, and serves on the MAX board of Experts.   He's also the moderator of the Honor Ring forum on  Contact him for your Honor Ring and document needs.


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Jason Burmeister ([email protected])
Jason is a familiar face at every major show in the US and Europe. Over the past two decades, he has built a successful high end military antique business, an extensive collection of the finest and rarest militaria and has been a major contributor to numerous reference books including the very successful "War Booty" series by LTC Johnson. Additionally, in 2011 he agreed to partner with the European auction house Hermann Historica, oHG of Munich, to direct the company’s North America operations.


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Houston Coates ([email protected])
An expert in the field of Hunting, Forestry, Shooting daggers and honor (or presentation bayonets).  Houston is on the Max Board of Experts, is a MAX Life Member, and is an OVMS Director and Life Member.  Although Houston doesn't have a catalog or a website, Houston sets up at the major shows, and can be reached at.


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Gailen David
Gailen is a MAX Charter Member, and serves on the MAX board of Experts.   He is a full time dealer, and runs Gailen David Militaria. Gailen has been collecting for over 30 years, and is one of the top minds in the field of SS Rohm and Himmler Daggers.  Gailen is a founding member of German Daggers Dot Com.


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Bob Hritz
Bob has been collecting militaria for over 35 years.  He has contributed to dozens of reference books on 3rd Reich collectibles.  Bob is a retired police officer with 28 years of service.  Now a familiar face at the larger militaria shows, Bob has ventured into the realm of internet militaria collecting.  Bob moderates the SS Uniform Forum and is extremely knowledgable on SS Cloth and Metal insignia.
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LTC Tom Johnson
LTC Johnson needs no introduction, as his series of reference books are considered foundational in our hobby.  Retired from the Army, LTC Johnson is the author of the 8 volume "Collecting" series, as well as the war booty series and other reference books.   He runs Johnson Reference Books and Militaria, and is the co-founder and partner in MAX productions (they hold the MAX show annually). 



Deltev Niemann 
A collector since age 12, Deltev opened for business in 1986 and has been serving up fine military antiques to collectors ever since.  Give him a call and you may also get to speak to his three "right hands" - Klaus, Oliver and Sabien.  Don't miss Deltev's weekly site updates!  They are a major event in may collectors' lives.
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Bill Shea
Bill is a MAX Charter Member, and is an expert on the staff of   He has contributed to over 30 reference books on WWII Collectibles and has written over 2500 appraisals.  He is a full time dealer, and runs The Ruptured Duck.   Bill is a founding member of German Daggers Dot Com.


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Ron Weinand
Ron has been in the militaria business for decades.  He's an accomplished veteran buyer, and is always set up at MAX and SOS.  Ron is the moderator of the GDC Bayonete Forum, and is the author of several books, including the definitive references on helmets, bayonets, and NPEA daggers.


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Peter Whamond (The Collector's Guild)
If you're looking for a solid, traditional auction house that is reliable, doesn't sell junk, and stands behind their items FOR LIFE, check out Peter's catalog.  He's been in the hobby for 25 years, and publishes both an on-line catalog and a paper catalog.  Peter is in Canada, and dealing with him is well worth the insignificant hassle of buying across the border!


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Tom Wittmann
Another man who needs no introduction, Tom Wittmann is author of the definitive books on Army, Navy, and Luftwaffe daggers and swords. Tom runs Wittmann Militaria.  He is the co-founder and partner in MAX productions (they hold the MAX show annually), and has been doing the "show circuit" for decades.   Tom works and lives in New Jersey.